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Registration of a Trademark & Services Marks in Kenya

A Trade Mark is a sign which serves to distinguish the goods of an industrial or a commercial enterprise or a group of such enterprises. The sign may consist of one or more distinctive works, letters, numbers, drawings or pictures, monograms, signatures, colours or combination of colours etc. The sign may consist also of combinations […]

Registration of Businesses and Companies in Kenya Ongoing despite COVID 19 Challenges;

Millions of Kenyan employees are working from home for the first time, as the nation tackles Covid-19 . The Pandemic has not to spared essential government services and as such, government agencies have had to adapt quickly to meet the growing demand for services in this COVID Era. The Agency in charge of registration of […]

Public Legal Information on Kenya’s Response to COVID 19 – (source Kenya Law Reports)

Kenya Law monitors, revises, consolidates and reports on evolving jurisprudence and the laws of Kenya including the tracking of legislation, circulars, gazettes, policies amongst other public legal information for the use of the public. In the wake of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID – 19) pandemic that has ravaged the World over, Kenya has […]

The Meaning of Legal and Actual of a Minor under the Kenyan Law

Introduction In the family setting, the issue of child custody may come up where there is a divorce or where the parents of a child are unmarried. If a person is going through a divorce they would like to know if they will have primary custody and whether they will be entitled to have a […]

Legal Protection of Whistle-Blowers in Kenya

A whistle blower is a person, usually an employee of a company or a government agency, who discloses information about corruption or fraud in the organization to the public or a higher authority. Such persons often need protection from mistreatment at the workplace or any other powerful interested parties. The corruption nightmare According to a […]

Gender Pay Gap: A Delicate Balance?

The gender pay gap is the average disparity between the compensation men and women get for their work. A meta-analysis carried out in 2005 by ILO indicated a decrease in the gap from the 1960s to the 1990s. This decrease could have been caused by improving the living conditions and their access to basic rights […]