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The Meaning of Legal and Actual of a Minor under the Kenyan Law

Introduction In the family setting, the issue of child custody may come up where there is a divorce or where the parents of a child are unmarried. If a person is going through a divorce they would like to know if they will have primary custody and whether they will be entitled to have a […]

Legal Protection of Whistle-Blowers in Kenya

A whistle blower is a person, usually an employee of a company or a government agency, who discloses information about corruption or fraud in the organization to the public or a higher authority. Such persons often need protection from mistreatment at the workplace or any other powerful interested parties. The corruption nightmare According to a […]

Gender Pay Gap: A Delicate Balance?

The gender pay gap is the average disparity between the compensation men and women get for their work. A meta-analysis carried out in 2005 by ILO indicated a decrease in the gap from the 1960s to the 1990s. This decrease could have been caused by improving the living conditions and their access to basic rights […]